Internet - If there is no solution, we will find one.
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In the new global setting, networking is paramount. If your office struggles to cope with a heavy workload – PLUSPC will develop a network making your office efficient.
Small offices may be looking to setup their business to work locally and globally, in this case a DNS server must be properly setup.
An ISP may need proxy servers to keep high demand websites updated and available.
Small home offices may need a workgroup or a P2P setup to share their work, scanners and printers.
Industrial wireless networks may require mantainence contracts to ensure that thousands of customers are able to connect to the network efficiently and constantly.
PLUSPC also offers hosting plans along with SEO, we also sell computer hardware like POS (Point Of Sale), Servers, and Personal computers.

Web applications are becoming more and more popular every day (i.e. Facebook, Twitter or even Google). Anything that is online, can be considered a web application. Whether your filling in a form or uploading your picture there is software working in the background to get that job done.

Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, etc.
No one can function without an email address, and there must be an email server managing those mailboxes making you available 24/7.